The Jewellery For Your Mid-Season Blues! #Fridayrefresh

Stuck at the end of the winter season while hoping for the summer to begin, it’s an unsettling place to be. We completely understand the mid-season blues that you’re facing. However, we have a new collection in that’ll definitely cheer you up!

While there aren’t as many things to look forward to right away, there’s a certain monotony in the air. And we’re all blaming the weather, trust us! Between picking up a black sweater or tee, there’s a (black) jacket that we’re all carrying, Just in Case. The weather is basically weird and we’re feeling glum.

So we’ve decided to make it chirpier just for you! For our week’s Friday Refresh, we’re launching a new collection that will definitely brighten up your attire and also your mood. We were still feeling pretty inspired by the Autumn Winter 2018/19 and decided to take it forward. With a selection of gold and diamond jewellery, there’s a piece every fashionista can flaunt. This mid-season wouldn’t be so glum anymore! Whether it is a work meeting or a pub-hopping evening with your friends, there’s a light-weight piece that you’d fall for.  If you have an eye out for fashion, these will not disappoint!

Even if it’s a black tee or a coat you’re picking up, there’s certain bling, that wouldn’t be missed out! Take a sneak peek into our week’s new launch!

gold jewellery diamond jewellery

So don’t hesitate! Just Shop from our latest gold and diamond collection and add a new daily wear ornament into your collection. At Melorra, we make sure that all our jewellery is certified, light-weight and unique. While also focusing on the affordability. Now that’s an offer you can’t refuse.

check out our latest collection here!

The Jewellery For Your Mid-Season Blues! #Fridayrefresh
Article Name
The Jewellery For Your Mid-Season Blues! #Fridayrefresh
The Jewellery For Your Mid-Season Blues! #Fridayrefresh
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