How to Find Your Ring Size – Read On!

One of the most common questions – how do I measure my ring size at home/ or by myself? And often, we direct them to our (super awesome) customer support professionals, who would then walk them through the entire process of measuring their ring size, accurately. But we thought, why not put it up here for a quick read?

With schedules jam-packed from dawn till dusk, there’s not enough time to visit retail stores to make a purchase. And with online shopping its all about convenience and multi-tasking today. So when it comes to buying gold and diamond jewellery for yourself, shouldn’t that be easier too? However, with jewellery, there is also the question of size (for some). After all, it’s not as easy as checking the tags on the back of our clothing!

Gold Ring Designs

This is where we usually turn to Google. Whether it is finding out your bangle size or your gold ring size, it can get a little tricky. And sometimes we get what we need, for example, finding a ring size chart online but other times, not so much. Directions might be too technical on that page or you’re not able to find Exactly what you need. Or other times, you finally give in and visit the nearest store for a ring size guide.

But, we get that sometimes all you need is a finger ring size chart or a do-it-yourself kind of thing that makes it easier. So, to make it easier for you to measure your ring size, on popular demand, we decided to address this question – in one place, and in full (easy) detail! Read on to find your ring size!

The Not-so-Tricky Fix

We understand that figuring out the right ring size can appear tricky. But, the fact is, it isn’t. All you need is a few tapes or scale, and you are good to go. Here’s a video for a quick tip:

Now that you know the gist of it, here’s a step by step process that you can easily follow:

The Procedure (If you have a ring)

  • Get a ring that you already own and that fits you perfectly.
  • Place the ring against a ruler and measure the inner diameter of the ring.
  • Note the measurement and tally your size using the ring size guide Melorra’s Ring Size Guidelines chart (Given Below).
  • This is the simplest way to determine your ring size.

PS: If your ring is wonky or bent out of shape, record two or three circumference measurements, and take the average. We understand that referring to the right ring size chart can appear tricky. With multiple US, Asia and UK standards, there can be confusion. What if the ring size chart online you’re referring to gives ring size in inches? Or you’re not using the correct ring size conversion chart? It can be a mess. However, we’re making sure that you don’t fumble here either. Adding the conversion of mm to inches, our Melorra Ring Guide has all the details you’ll probably need! (See: Melorra Ring Size Chart below)

The Procedure (If you don’t have a ring)

To make sure that you measure your ring size accurately, you’ll need: 1. A string/thin strip of paper or a flexible measuring tape 2. A marker 3. A scale for measurement aka a ruler Decide which finger you want to wear the ring on. Once you determine that, the process to check your ring size is rather simple. Here’s a step-by-step description. (Remember: A ring needs to go through the thickest part of the finger, seamlessly. Therefore, you need to take the measurement right below your knuckle as it is the thickest part of your finger.)

 Melorra Ring Size Guidelines

Indian Ring Size Chart Conversion

Indian Ring Size Circumference Diameter
Inch MM Inch MM
1 1.61 40.8 0.51 12.99
2 1.66 42.1 0.53 13.41
3 1.69 43 0.54 13.69
4 1.73 44 0.55 14.01
5 1.77 44.9 0.56 14.30
6 1.81 45.9 0.58 14.62
7 1.86 47.1 0.59 15.00
8 1.89 48.1 0.60 15.32
9 1.93 49 0.61 15.61
10 1.97 50 0.63 15.92
11 2 50.9 0.64 16.21
12 2.04 51.8 0.65 16.50
13 2.08 52.8 0.66 16.82
14 2.13 54 0.68 17.20
15 2.16 55 0.69 17.52
16 2.2 55.9 0.70 17.80
17 2.24 56.9 0.71 18.12
18 2.28 57.8 0.72 18.41
19 2.33 59.1 0.74 18.82
20 2.36 60 0.75 19.11
21 2.4 60.9 0.76 19.39
22 2.44 61.9 0.78 19.71
23 2.47 62.8 0.79 20.00
24 2.51 63.8 0.80 20.32
25 2.55 64.7 0.81 20.61
26 2.6 66 0.83 21.02
27 2.63 66.9 0.84 21.31
28 2.67 67.9 0.85 21.62
29 2.72 69.1 0.87 22.01
30 2.76 70.1 0.88 22.32

We Are Here to Help

If you still need further help or have questions, remember that we are just a call away. Whether it is about finding your right ring size, bangle size or just to talk about different ring designs in our catalogue, we’re here for you! You can call or WhatsApp us @7829000052 and we’ll be happy to help!

Till then, find out your right ring size in the comfort of your home, with all the conversions and easy to do methods. And pick up those diamond rings or gold pieces on your bucket list!  

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How to Find Your Ring Size – Read On!
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How to Find Your Ring Size – Read On!
How to Find Your Ring Size – Read On!
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