1 Gold Jewellery, 3 Ways to Wear! #Modular

Modular Jewellery

A twist of Mod to the spring of Gold. And you’ve got 3 ways to wear 1 jewellery! Seek out the hot modular we have in store for you!


Super fashionable – Check. Affordable – Check. Easy to wear – Check. High in quality – Check. Trendy – Double Check!! Melorra has been keeping all these promises intact. Now, what can be new and equally fun and exciting? Think Mod and transformable! Imagine wearing three pieces of jewellery at the cost of just one. That’s what new, and fun is! Modular Jewellery – Three ways to wear from just one single jewellery!


Mix It, Mod it!

For those who are wondering what “Modular jewellery” is, let us tell you. It’s a design of wonder and joyful surprise! In proper terms, it is a very contemporary and exquisite form of jewellery that is interchangeable and can sort you out for more than one occasion.

No longer is a pair of studs not party-ready, or a ring that looks boring for that brunch plan. Add extensions to your danglers or turn your yellow gold ring to rose gold, with just a twist!

Modular jewellery is not just a thing of admiration, but also a practical, fashionable piece that changes as quickly as your day plans. You no longer need to fret about carrying everything but dive into this modest way yet convenient way of accessorising.

6 Modular jewellery to own!

Check out the jewellery that’ll please even the most up-to-date fashionistas:

#1.  Won’t you love to wear one stud in 3 different styles?  Yess, you would! 😃 Check out this beautiful piece of jewellery which gives you three different looks to flaunt on three different occasions! Oval Rouge Gold Studs . The centrepiece can be elongated and worn as both studs and danglers.


#2. Another cool studs and danglers arrangement for you to mod yourself in! Dot N Dash Gold Stud earrings.   A little mix here, a little match there, and your studs change to cool danglers!


#3. Hoop On!! …with this amazing arrangement of hoops. Again, 3 in 1! Charm Cherie Gold Hoop Earrings  Enjoy different looks with interchangeable charms on your hoops!




#4. Just when you thought it’s just about earrings. Tada! Let us show off this brilliant piece of a finger ring, that gives three looks in three different colours! Yellow gold, rose gold or white gold, just twist and you have a new ring! Twist N Twiddle Gold Ring


#5. Get experimental from the top in Rose Gold! Rhomb Rosetta Gold Studs  Elongate your rose gold studs and you’re party-ready with your trendy danglers!


#6. Chic your way down to ease! Hippie Hex Gold Stud Earrings  With detachable motifs alter the length of your danglers as your choice. Wanna go formal? Just remove all extensions, and your chic stud is ON!



The little mix of modular in the classic collections can be so much fun! Pair one piece of jewellery with three different attires and be the glam queen!


While you’re swooning over this little display of adventure, look out more of our creative modular jewellery here!

1 Gold Jewellery, 3 Ways to Wear! #Modular
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1 Gold Jewellery, 3 Ways to Wear! #Modular
A twist of Mod to the spring of Gold. And you’ve got 3 ways to wear 1 piece of jewelry! Seek out the hot modular we have in store for you!
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